Engineered Stone & Quartz Surfacing

Engineered Stone and Quartz SurfacingEngineered Stone and Quartz Surfacing are commonly used names for a man made stone slab composed of approximately 93% natural stones, primarily quartz, and 7% pigments and resins manufactured under the Breton® process. StoneNet is the pioneer in this industry and was among the first in the US to see the potential of this product for kitchen countertops, wet bars, vanity tops and the like.

Never needing sealing or any topical coating, it maintains its stain, scratch and heat resistance over the lifetime of your counters. Just use soap and water for normal everyday cleanup.

We use various manufactures to create our color line. To learn more about quartz surfacing CONTACT US for all your fabrication needs.

Engineered Stone and Quartz Surfacing

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